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NLD is always a big one

Good afternoon, apologies for the late blog today. Those that know me, know as well as Arsenal, I am a casual boxing and UFC fan, and I also love watching two men engage in an exchange of insults, degrading each other’s loved ones, their lifestyle choices and general appearance, in the form of American battle rap. Basically, is seems I have a love for people getting hurt either physically or emotionally. Take from that what you will. Last night I got the check out all three until the early hours of the morning.

On the game, and the NLD is always massive, always. We’re at home, on the back on a few good wins, and confidence should be in a good place. In contrast to Tottenham, who although they started well, in recent weeks have been more miss than hit. We have a full team to select from, which I don’t think we have had that luxury for many, many months. Arteta knows about the derby games and said in his pre-match conference he will make sure the players know how this is for the fans. I can’t wait and am looking forward to seeing some of the new boys, the back line in particular, and see how they stand up against there squad.

I hope the backline and keeper remains the same from the last league game, with Party and Lokonga Odegaard in the middle, with the front spots up for grabs really. I would be equally happy starting Saka on the right as I would Pepe. And same as on the left, I wouldn’t be flipping tables if it was Saka, ESR or Martinelli. I think Auba will start up top and I hope he can have one of his better games today. I don’t really want to see the likes of Xhaka, AMN, Elneny and Eddie starting this game, start strong and maybe if we need these players to close it out then so be it.

Let’s enjoy the game and stick together for the lads on the pitch!


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