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Wondering If We Have Enough

Against Wolves its the first chance for Arsenal, Arteta and Edu to set the stall out following a disappointing January.

It’s kind of funny to think that on the 1st January this team had many supporters feeling probably the most positive we’ve been all season. Although we ultimately lost 2-1 to Manchester City in what was an injury time winner for them, many of us felt we have seen a performance from the team to remember. And I guess what many of us was hoping to be the clicking point for the team and the manager. Currently this game feels like an age away from where we are now, and yet we have only played one other game in the league since, 0-0 vs Burnley. Now fast forward, a couple defeats, (getting knocked out of the League Cup and FA Cup), a betting scandal a sprinkle of red cards and a surprising transfer window to say the least. I for one am happy to just more on from January.

We can all have our different feelings on the decision to release players, including our club captain without a replacement. But now is a time for the people who make the big calls to show everyone just why they don’t view it as such a big a gamble, as many of us fans do. My initial meltdown about our lack of incomings was only driven by our opportunity to get top 4 quicker than what I thought possible. I was happy with the players who left, being allowed to leave the club. Only I did feel we needed to strengthen in the right-back and forward positions to really go for it. I do believe Arteta has people playing the way he wants, its just whether we can be consistent for the games remaining to still push for a top 4 finish with the lack of options from the bench to influence games when we need it most.

Anyways, Wolverhampton will be a good test, and chance for us to show what a bit of togetherness and warm weather training can really do. The lads should be well rested, fired up and ready to put last month behind them. Wolves have a technically assured midfield, and we’ll need our guys, Partey and Xhaka who I believe are both back from suspension to be in sync. I’m not sure if Tomiyasu is available for selection but I really hope he is. Our right sided play just flows much better with him in the team, than without. Aubameyang leaving means we’ll all be looking with interest to see the time of chance Pepe will be given now, and if Martinelli will keep his place on the left or will he be moved centrally. I seem to think Arteta will keep the forward line similar to what we’ve seen in recent games as I feel Laca linking the playing from central to our speedy wide players seems to be Plan A, but we’ll see.

Come on Arsenal, lets get that good feeling back by showing what we can do on the road.


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