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We go again, Amex on a late one…

After a week of humming, Tottenham get battered everywhere they go, while brushing my teeth in the mornings, it’s finally matchday again. It has been a great week really, I managed to be lucky enough to get petrol without queuing for more than 35minutes, which means I could cancel my bulk order of vegetable oil, and pixie dust. It was pay day after what felt like a 10-week month. Oh, and The Arsenal Womens destroyed Tottenham again, and go into a semi final in the FA cup against, oh, Brighton.

Saturday and we head down to Brighton for an away trip, off the back of a confidence boosting derby win. Morale should be high, the legs should be ready, and the minds focused. Ahead of the game Mikel Arteta talked about the pressure that comes with managing Arsenal, and the pressure to win. Referring to the topsy-turvy nature of the fallout from the games following our dodgy start. Although it does sometimes feel like one loss and it’s all disaster, I feel there are large sections of the fanbase trying to stick with the team and the manager. When the perspective project and its plans are laid out as they have been, we must allow scope and room for the outcome to present itself, and the players to show their promise. Much of which can only take place with the support and backing from the fanbase.

With Xhaka being the main casualty from last weekend, I believe the rest of the squad are available for selection. The boss talked about the relationship that is forming at the back, and so I’d expect the back five to remain the same. I believe we’ll see more of the 4-3-3 / 4-1-4-1 deployed against Burnley. Will the guys who played so well keep their spot, or will Pepe come in on the right with Saka on the left?

Ben white returns to the south-coast and will be the focus of all things defending, and we need a good showing from him and the entire team.


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